shaving cream marble paper

We made some marble paper with shaving cream and gouache. I have no good picture of the paper- but then the process was much more important.
I got the idea from here.

First I covered a baking dish with a plastic bag and some tape. We sprayed shaving cream into the dish and added some small drops of gouache (I guess you could use watercolour or other paint too). With a small stick the girls swirled the coulour until they thought that it looked nice.

A paper was placed on top of the shaving cream mixtre and gently pressed down.

The paper was peeled off and the excess shaving cream scrapped down. We hanged the paper outside- in the dry heat we had for a few days the artwork was dry within a very short time... well almost. It turned out that the shaving cream was rather sticky and did not really dry so the end result was pleasing to look at but not very nice to touch...

But playing with the foam was fun! :-)
Only the boy did not want to join- he preferred to simply paint with the brush.


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