olive harvest

We started to harvest the olives. The kibbutz owns some smaller fields with olive trees and the harvest is done by a group of volunteers. We will get some of the oil as a reward for the work. The oil we got last year lasted a whole year- we even have still some left. We are cooking/ baking almost only with olive oil (in addition I use sometimes butter and coconut-oil).

Harvest is done on the weekend. Last week on Saturday also the kids joined- it is a nice experience.
The olives are beaten from the trees with sticks. They fall on nets on the floor and we collect them in containers. The oil will be pressed in another place.

part of one of the olive orchards- the trees are still quite young

The kids in action :-)

Having fun... :-) Yotam did not want to leave the machine- he loved it so much.


Zena said…
A year's worth of your own handpicked olive oil. Just divine. So good the kids could join in too. I had to look up what Kibbutz; I am very fascinated! I am reading all about it now.
Alina said…
Oh wow! This looks spectacular!

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