Sunday, 28 February 2016

play dough

As I mentioned in my last post- I made some play dough on the weekend.
I found a large left over of aquaeous cream (probably around 130ml) and we mixed it with approx. 700g of cornflour (much more than mentioned in some recipes). It turned out very smooth and nice to touch and form.
After a while the girls requested colour and we added some red, green and yellow food colour.
We also added a few drops of essential lavender oil to make it nice smelling.

The kids had a lot of fun and the table and floor were nicely dusted with cornflour and dotted with dough pieces (I hate to clean!).
If wrapped tightly you can use the dough again.

Thursday, 25 February 2016

back home

We are back home from our visit in Switzerland. We enjoyed the time with my parents and my sisters + their families.

  • I am trying to figure out what to knit next.
  • I have at least 3 sewing projects I should and want to do.
  • We should get the wood stacked that is still lying around in our garden.
  • I dried a big amount of Shepard's purse that grew like crazy while we were away.
  • I also dried a nice amount of Za'atar (Syrian oregano)- this herb grows wild and is now protected in Israel because it was over harvested- but we have it in our garden too.
  • I need to bake bread. I usually bake our bread for the week on Fridays- we hardly ever buy bread- good bread is expensive and not always available in our small Kibbutz-shop.
  • I want a quiet moment to drink tea and read the birthday present from my parents- the cooking book "Jerusalem" from Yotam Ottolenghi and Sami Tamimi…
  • I want to do some play-dough with the kids. I found some cream I used for Yotam when he was small- I will mix it with corn stark. (a link)

Have a nice weekend. Mine started.

Sunday, 7 February 2016

creative bits and pieces

I am at home with a terrible toothache. Hope the dentist can fix this tomorrow...
Some pictures from the last days. Above: making some snacks as a gift- in chocolate dipped dried fruits sprinkled with coconut and sugar pearls. Easy and fast to make.

Yesterday I was sewing something and the kids joined me in some spontaneous activity- plundering my button-tin-box. They stuck the buttons with sewing-pins onto some cork plates that we use for hot pots.
From what I got the "decorated cakes".

Helen finished her waving project- I sew it onto some felt- can be used to place hot drinks on top of it...

Helen also made some finger puppets. It was her idea- I just gave her the tip to use rubber gloves. It's very easy and fast- just cut of the fingers of some rubber gloves and glue the puppets onto it. I had the idea from here.

Thursday, 4 February 2016

the pecan tree

After waiting for something like 8 years, after planing and re-planing for around 2.5 years we finally seem to get closer to our new home.
Yesterday we cut our pecan tree. We love this tree. 
It gives a lot of shadow in the hot and long summers and a lot of nuts (I hardly ever need to buy nuts). The kids climb on it, we have a tire-swing on it, we have huge piles of leaves in autumn and jump into them.

We will tear down our side of the building and build new- but we wanted to keep the tree.
Now it looks empty and "naked"- but the tree will grow back.

Right now we still live in the lower apartment of this building (where the small roof is over the entrance and the wooden play-hut). In around 3 weeks we will move out so we can start to build. And then we finally will have a more space.

Wednesday, 3 February 2016

another yarn along

I seem to be in a knitting frenzy :-)
Joining again Ginny and her yarn along.
I finished the hat for my husband. I had a pattern but I had to unravel rows around 3 times because the hat always seemed too short (Guess I need to learn some more on how to adjust patterns). I hope it will be okay now- although I still have a feeling that it could have been a bit longer.
I love the blue colour and the soft yarn (merino).

I stopped reading the book from last week (A Sunday at the pool in Kigali)- I could not connect to it. I started another one- "Big Stone Gap" by Adriana Trigiana- and although I am still reading I can say that this is not a great book. Quite boring, the characters have no depth, there are whole parts that I skipped because they were not interesting... 
I need a good book- some recommendations? We will soon fly to Switzerland for a few days and I will have time to buy a book at the airport.