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I am at home with a terrible toothache. Hope the dentist can fix this tomorrow...
Some pictures from the last days. Above: making some snacks as a gift- in chocolate dipped dried fruits sprinkled with coconut and sugar pearls. Easy and fast to make.

Yesterday I was sewing something and the kids joined me in some spontaneous activity- plundering my button-tin-box. They stuck the buttons with sewing-pins onto some cork plates that we use for hot pots.
From what I got the "decorated cakes".

Helen finished her waving project- I sew it onto some felt- can be used to place hot drinks on top of it...

Helen also made some finger puppets. It was her idea- I just gave her the tip to use rubber gloves. It's very easy and fast- just cut of the fingers of some rubber gloves and glue the puppets onto it. I had the idea from here.


fjord girl said…
Looks like a fun day for the kiddos- I hope you take care of your tooth and heal up!

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