another yarn along

I seem to be in a knitting frenzy :-)
Joining again Ginny and her yarn along.
I finished the hat for my husband. I had a pattern but I had to unravel rows around 3 times because the hat always seemed too short (Guess I need to learn some more on how to adjust patterns). I hope it will be okay now- although I still have a feeling that it could have been a bit longer.
I love the blue colour and the soft yarn (merino).

I stopped reading the book from last week (A Sunday at the pool in Kigali)- I could not connect to it. I started another one- "Big Stone Gap" by Adriana Trigiana- and although I am still reading I can say that this is not a great book. Quite boring, the characters have no depth, there are whole parts that I skipped because they were not interesting... 
I need a good book- some recommendations? We will soon fly to Switzerland for a few days and I will have time to buy a book at the airport.


CathieJ said…
Your hat is great. I think it looks like it fits perfectly. What ever you did to adjust the pattern worked just fine. I love the pattern and the blue yarn.
fjord girl said…
What an awesome hat - love the pattern and color, looks like snowy mountains:)
Frau Stadt said…
Ich liebe ja die Bücherdiebin und empfehle sie immer :-)
gretel said…
It's cool man :-)
Sehr schick, das würde ich nicht schaffen.
Liebe Grüße und schöne Tage in der Schweiz
Elise said…
Gorgeous hat! I've made so many now and they often turn out a different length than I'm expecting, there should be a way to measure them more accurately! :)

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