Shavuot- the harvest holiday

Last week we celebrated Shavuot.

The hard work to prepare the amphitheater was well worth it.
The fields made a beautiful background for the dances, the atmosphere was good and there was a touch of "the old days" in all of it.

Yotam and my husband danced with the kindergarten, Neomi had a small dancing part, I sang with a small group of others and Helen brought the "harvest" from the community garden with the others from her age group.
The kids loved the firefighter truck- especially when it saluted with the water cannon.

Traditionally we eat a lot of dairy products- especially cheesecake. The kids got chocolate milk in plastic bags (don't ask me why plastic bags- I think it is disgusting to drink from a plastic bag, the chocolate milk is way too sweet and of course it causes a lot of waste- but the kids love it- probably because they do not get it a lot.)
Yotam and his chocolate milk bag

We made wreaths for the celebration- using bougainvillea, parsley flowers and green leaves.

If you are interested you can watch a small movie with parts of the celebration. Our neighbor has a drone and filmed. Click here.


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