for the new house

We should be able to move into our new house by the end of this month. We are exhausted, but look forward.
On Friday I managed to finish 3 small sachets with lavender for the new house. I love nice smelling clothes/ sheets :-) 
They are made from linen fabric I cut from old pants and some other bits and pieces I found.

Already a while ago I also finished to upholster an old stool. I removed the old paint on the wood and just covered the old upholstery with this lovely yellow fabric. It is not one of those "new" upholstery fabrics that contain no cotton and should be easy to clean... but hey- should it get really dirty I can always change it or try to take it down and wash it...

Yotam enjoyed to play with a big cardboard box (my husband bought a new table saw)- turned it into a space ship, connected all his cables, keyboards etc and was occupied quite a while- probably flying through space and looking for the bad guys... :-)


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