The weather was very stormy in the beginning of the weekend. At times I had a feeling that the house will fly away... On Friday we were mostly without electricity, but thanks to our wood stove it was warm and cozy inside the house.

It is the first winter in the 14 years I live here that I am not constantly freezing inside the house. I am so grateful for the new house, the good insulation, the wood stove.

I keep knitting on my shrug... I think I started more than 18 months ago. I am a terribly slow knitter and it is a boring project. But one day I will finish it...

We went for a nice walk in the forest and Wadi yesterday, played in the water, made some hot tea, collected wild asparagus and nettle and enjoyed some sunshine.

I started to teach the kids more German. It is very important to me that they will know how to read, write and talk. I speak Swissgerman with them all the time, but it is largely an oral language and everything written or more official is in German. I taught them some stuff- like the letters (so far only the girls)- but I was a bit lazy during the last year (or more) and we need to get back on track.
I bought them schoolbooks and only this already gave them a huge motivation to learn (funny what a colourful, shiny book can achieve).
I hope we will stick to it a bit more seriously now.


Liebe Rahel,
ist das neue Haus fertig? Es scheint so :-)
Ich finde es toll, wenn Kinder die Chance haben, zweisprachig aufzuwachsen.
Ganz liebe Grüße

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