Our kids fight with each other.

"This is not fair"
"She got more"
"I don't want you to play with me"
"He took my book without asking"
"He's always bothering me"
"She is stupid"

And so many times I tell them to cool down, to talk to each other instead of shouting at each other or hit each other. To ask politely for something. To be kind to each other. We look for a solution that is okay for everyone…
It's not always easy, but we keep trying.

… and then there are the powerful men in this world (yes, they are usually men), who are egoistic, power-hungry, full of themselves, uncontrollable…
And they fight with each other and try to show each other who is more powerful and who is better and greater and so on and so on…
They do not seem to look for peaceful solutions, they do not seem to be able to sit down together , act grown-up and talk.

How shall I explain my kids the situation? Trump and Iran and Netanyahu. Syria and war and rockets.  Bottomless hatred, cruel leaders.

And how do I stay calm all the while I am scared of yet another war- and this time maybe a bigger one that will affect us personally much more than the past ones.

Where are the true leaders in this world? Ready to "fight" for peace so we can all life a good, decent life? Leaders that respect each other, talk to each other. Leaders that are honest, caring, looking for ways to solve problems instead of escalate them…

Things do not look very bright right now :-(

I try to keep my mind off bad things, enjoying the garden. It even rained quite a lot, which is very unusual for May. I listen to the birds singing in the morning, look at the beautiful clouds in the sky, the colourful flowers.
I play with our kids, watch them in the early morning, while they are still sleeping peacefully.

... and where's the cat?


Liebe Rahel,
in diesen Tagen denke ich ganz viel an dich!
Geht es euch gut?
Ganz liebe Grüße

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