a new work environment

Today is my last day in the office. In two weeks the above will be my new "office"- the tiny white shed you can see behind the parked cars.

The Kibbutz is a very green place with loads of trees and bushes. Right now, in the end of the summer, some places are dry. After the first rains everything will start to be super-green and loads of flowers will make everything colourful.

I am looking forward to experience the changing of the seasons more close. I especially like the late autumn months, winter and the early spring- before everything will turn dry again and before it will start to be constantly hot.

I hope that I will have some time to keep you up to date. 
The holiday of "Sukkot"- the Feast of Tabernacles- will start on Sunday and we still have to build a "Sukkah"- a kind of hut.


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