In May I was in Switzerland and I spent a lovely day in the botanic park- it was one of those days that I told myself for the thousandth time, that I have to change something in my life and that I can't go on sitting in the office for 9 hours in front of a screen… it's just not me- although that's exactly what I did the past 13 years. I love plants, nature, outdoor…

In addition the atmosphere at work changed during the last 1-2 years, good colleagues left, reorganization took place etc.

I changed my password at work to "Garden 19"- some kind of everyday-reminder to change things.

I started to "extend my sensors", as I called it.

And the quite amazing thing happened and I got a new job! I did not think it will happen so fast, I did not think I will actually have the courage, I did not think that it will be such a convenient and interesting arrangement. I am proud of myself that I was able to do this step.

In October I will start to work in the "Noi" in the kibbutz. "Noi" is basically the department in the kibbutz that deals the public gardens/ spaces/ plants.
I will work close together with the head gardener and I am eager to learn everything he can teach me. I am full of ideas and energy. It will not be very easy since I am not used to physical work anymore and I quite suffer from heat- but I also know that it is something you get used to it. I am a bit nervous and a tiny bit scared but I am hopeful and convinced, that this is the right thing for me to do.


Einen guten Start in Deinem neuen Job wünsche ich Dir. Zurück zur Natur und den Pflanzen stelle ich mir super vor!
Liebe Grüße

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