back from Switzerland

Since Tuesday we are back from Switzerland- and I am already missing the lush green, the fresh air, the mountains and of course my family there.

Here a picture of my older daughter Neomi:

She is always excited to go and visit Switzerland- most of all I guess because she can ride the train, bus and tram- and this time also the cable car in the alps where we stayed for my fathers 60. birthday.

Of course I am still full of ideas and with no time to really get something done. Today I managed to finish a small card for my mother's birthday:

I have to admit, that I took my inspiration from somehwere else... I just tried to figure out her name or find her etsy shop or her flickr site... but I came up with nothing. If I will figure it out, I will let you know.

**** I found it!- Take a look at the gorgeous prints of Bernadette from New Zealand in her blog!


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