happy weekend

Just loved the long weekend due to the "Sukkot"-holiday. It was so nice to be at home and spend time with the girls and my husband, with friends and family.
Yesterday in particular was a nice day- even though hot and humid.
I even managed to continue a bit with the advent calendar and my husband found some wooden boards on a construction site and suddenly he couldn't stop to saw; making a wooden boat, a swing, houses (for me) and blocks for the kids. Now we just need to get some colour and we can start to paint all this stuff.
On the picture my older daughter is taking a nap outside- she just crashed after a trip to the sea.


lightbluegrey said…
Love those blocks! Different, but do you know these, which I love too:
shilgia said…
Hi Hetty- thanks for your nice comment and the link to this wonderful shop! Have a nice day.

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