gratitude list

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It's time for another gratitude list- the last one I made already a while back...

-          The wonderful green fields covered with colorful flowers
-          Fresh herbs planted in our garden
-          The blossom of the almond trees
-          The smell of rain

-          Helen talking in Swissgerman to me
-          Watching Neomi drawing pictures
-          Neomi riding her bike
-          My husband working hard in the garden… while I can merely watch with my baby-belly…
-          A spontaneous hug and kiss from the girls
-          Playing domino (the one game we can all play together)

-          Fresh oranges and  grapefruits
-          Olives, olives, olives

-          A good nights sleep
-          A quiet moment for myself on a weekend- with a tea or coffee and a good book

And generally I am VERY and MOST grateful for:
clean water, an apartment to stay, to be healthy, to have enough food, to have a safe/ peaceful place to live (even if this is Israel- but looking at the micro and not at the macro…), to have a wonderful family…


nic said…
ah, olives! me too, me too.

beautiful list, rahel--reflective of a beautiful heart.
Petra said…
Keep looking at the micro!

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