gratitude list

I guess most of us remember well where we were on this day 10 years ago. Although many ugly/ cruel/ terrible things happen all the time, the terror attack on the twin towers will be burned into my mind forever. I was sitting in the office (I worked for the Railways in Switzerland at this time) when I heared about the first plane crashing into the first tower. We turned up the volume of the radio and heared live how the secon plane crashed. I immediately knew that this was terror attack. I just knew. Luckily I did not have a TV- the pictures in the newspaper were terrible enough...

So while remembering this terrible day I think it is in the same time good to make another gratitude-list... to enjoy and be grateful for the small, good things in our life...

-          A fresh breeze on a hot day
-          A red dragon-fly on a rock beside the pool
-          The many stars on the dark sky
-          A chameleon in the garden- what an amazing animal!
-          Leaves turning yellow

-          Sitting in front of the computer with Helen half asleep on my lap, snuggled tightly against me.
-          Playing football (soccer) with Neomi
-          Taking the girls out for a bike ride in their bike-trolley.
-          After-shower-time with the girls, lying on the bed and laughing and giggling…

-          Dark  Lindt-chocolate
-          Fresh passion-fruits (our fridge is full of them…)
-          Cold water with a bit fresh lime-juice and peppermint-leaves
-          Olives

-          Soap-bubbles
-          Dreaming together with my husband about our future house (well…. One day…)
-          An evening with good friends


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