We went to visit a friend of us earlier this week. He quit his job some time ago and has now his own small organic farm. You can order baskets and you will get whatever vegetables are at this point ready. We bought a big family basket full of delicious goods: pumpkin, tomatoes, corn, beans, melon, fennel, potatoes, cucumbers, couchettes, leek, reed beet and more...

I was looking for a recipe with pumpkin and found these tarteletts by "foto e fornelli".
Try them- they are delicious. I also made a version with tomatoes.

I could not resist another recipe after discovering the blog of "joy the baker".
Cinnamon Sugar Pull-apart Bread
Give it a try to- you won't regret...


or said…
Ha! I made the same cake today! only with nuts. Oh and I saw the organic farm on your face and wanted them to send me a basket. He said they r not sending this far and that next time he will send me with u guys (-:
or (vardi)
rahel said…
Or- we will happily bring you a basket full of vegetables next time we will be there!

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