summer time

It's hot...
I just hate summer here in Israel and now even more.. breastfeeding and carrying a baby does not help much.
I am trying to come up with some activities for the girls for inside (when it is getting unbearable outside) and for outside (well- this has to have a connection with water to cool down)...

The other day I did some drawing with crayons with Neomi while Helen and Yotam were napping. It's something I remembered that I loved doing as a kid myself:

fill an area with colours so that no white of the paper is showing anymore
draw with black crayon all over the coloured area and then you can scratch away the black colour with a toothpick (or a pencil/ match...)
Another thing we did was ice boats- it did not work out that well- the ice-cube frame was too small- you should use something bigger if you want to try this- plastic cups, cupcake frames...

place things inside frames- we used smurfs, playmobile, lego... you can also add sails. Fill the frames with water and place in the freezer until the water is frozen.
we placed the ice boats in our kids pool. The small ones sunk fast (not enough ice), the bigger ones floated for a while. Because of the heat the ice melted pretty fast.
There are many instructions on the internet to be found. You could also add colour (since we floated them in our pool I did not add coulour). I will try it again with bigger frames.


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