Monday, 31 December 2012

new pants

I made some pants for Yotam with nice corduroy and lined with fabric from an old t-shirt (this part you can't see on the pictures)

And.... Happy New Year to all of you!


It's the season of the pecan nuts. The leafs are geting yellow and brown and are falling- I just love it. I also like to make piles of leafs so the kids can jump and hide... I loved it as a kid too.

We so far collected around 35 kg of nuts. A great supply for breads, cookies, cakes, salads... Now we just need to crack them. The girls love to crack nuts and eat them on the spot (so no big help to get a stock for the kitchen from them...)

After celebrating Hanukkah and Christmas (no big celebration for the New Year- I will sleep through the whole thing), Helen is already in the mood for dressing up and celebrating Purim (coming up in 2 months) :o)

a prince

Inspired by a blog post from Trulakids, I made a little prince doll for Yotam.

The little boy is sick. He is only crying and it's now the second day that I am just carrying him around on my arms all day... I will take him to the doctor and hopefully he will have some answers.

Sunday, 23 December 2012

any questions?

picture from here
On Friday, just after I brought Yotam to the daycare, I saw the most beautiful rainbow. I stood for maybe 5 minutes in the middle of the path and looked at the beauty of it. A double rainbow above the green trees, in the background dark rainclouds and now and then a lightning. It was spectacular!

I know some of you who read my blog and there are a lot I don't. Now and then people ask me things about life in Israel. So I thought I will try to answer some in one of my next posts. If you have any questions, please write a comment. It does not matter about what- family living, culture, politics whatever- I will try to answer.

Have a nice day and a wonderful Christmas!

Wednesday, 19 December 2012

a wooden car

My husband likes to work with wood.
I love the small car he made- it's going to be a present for a new born baby.

play shop

Yotam is sick and I am at home with him. Time to finally take pictures form the stuff for the play shop that Helen got for her birthday. I would have loved to create more, but time is unfortunately limited these days.
My husband made a simple cash desk from wood. You are welcome to step by in the shop anytime ;o)

Tuesday, 18 December 2012


Do you know the children's book "The Rainbow Fish"? It was a huge hit some years ago (well- actually a lot of years ago). The kids like the glittery scales of the fish. We made our own rainbow fishes the other day.
If we would have had a bit more time (and I would have been without Yotam on my arms), we could have started with making a nice background with water colours. But as it was we started with drawing fishes, colouring them, adding some glue and glitter. The girls loved it (the glitter part, of course), the fished looked very nice and the kitchen table and floor were full of glitter :o)


Helen turned 3 last week. She wanted a penguin cake for her birthday party in the day care. Now I am no fancy cake maker... I don't see why I should stay up all night to create a cute cake that will be eaten within seconds... 
So to satisfy my daughters wishes I sew 3 finger-puppet-penguins from felt as cake toppings. Whipped cream and marshmallows for the snow.

As a present I made her things for a "shop"- felt vegetables, felt ice-cream and more... My husband made her a cash desk from wood.
No pictures so far. The days are short and by the time we get home it is already dark and I don't have time... maybe on the weekend I can post some.

Sunday, 9 December 2012

tel aviv

My husband had a company- weekend in Tel Aviv. Basically the company just paid for the hotel and we were free to do whatever we wanted.
We left the girls in the care of their grandmother, took Yotam with us and prepared for a stormy and rainy weekend. Luckily Thursday and Friday were without rain- just very windy on the beach. It was nice to spend some time away from home, in a big, buzzing city.
Of course I had to shop some fabric in fabric paradise in Nahalat Binyamin. I tried to keep it short. I know it does bore my husband and Yotam is not very interested too :o)
I enjoyed walking on the beach, watching the big waves, watching the people. It is a very nice beach and walkway.
Now we will have a busy week of birthday celebrations (Helen turns 3 today), Hanukkah celebrations and trying to fit in some Christmas-cookies-baking and decorating the house some more

early morning walk after a night with not much sleep thanks to this little guy...

The beachfron of Tel Aviv- way in the back you can see the old city of Jaffa

I would once like to just walk around and take pictures. Although I did take my camera to the "shopping-trip", I did not get a chance to also take pictures...
A few more pictures here.

Tuesday, 4 December 2012

easy window decoration

The days are getting shorter... we are usually arriving at home shortly before it's getting dark. Not much playing in the garden anymore. We made some easy decoration on the windows in honor of Hanukkah and Christmas. My pictures are not the best- mainly because of all the missing light these days, but you will get the idea anyway.

I cut dots from cellophane (older kids could do this maybe by themselves  but for Neomi and Helen it was too tricky). With a mix of water and soap (I used the one for dish washing) you can glue the cellophane to the window. You can apply the soap with a brush, but I figured out that it is less messy with the fingers.
When everything was dry I cleaned a bit around the cellophane because you can see the smeared soap quite good.
The good thing- you can wash down everything easily when you want to remove the decoration.

It's also a nice way to discover how colours mix. The overlapping yellow and blue turns into green and so on...