easy window decoration

The days are getting shorter... we are usually arriving at home shortly before it's getting dark. Not much playing in the garden anymore. We made some easy decoration on the windows in honor of Hanukkah and Christmas. My pictures are not the best- mainly because of all the missing light these days, but you will get the idea anyway.

I cut dots from cellophane (older kids could do this maybe by themselves  but for Neomi and Helen it was too tricky). With a mix of water and soap (I used the one for dish washing) you can glue the cellophane to the window. You can apply the soap with a brush, but I figured out that it is less messy with the fingers.
When everything was dry I cleaned a bit around the cellophane because you can see the smeared soap quite good.
The good thing- you can wash down everything easily when you want to remove the decoration.

It's also a nice way to discover how colours mix. The overlapping yellow and blue turns into green and so on...


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