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On Friday, just after I brought Yotam to the daycare, I saw the most beautiful rainbow. I stood for maybe 5 minutes in the middle of the path and looked at the beauty of it. A double rainbow above the green trees, in the background dark rainclouds and now and then a lightning. It was spectacular!

I know some of you who read my blog and there are a lot I don't. Now and then people ask me things about life in Israel. So I thought I will try to answer some in one of my next posts. If you have any questions, please write a comment. It does not matter about what- family living, culture, politics whatever- I will try to answer.

Have a nice day and a wonderful Christmas!


vervlogen dagen said…
Wow. There must a pot of gold on both sides!

And as the Israel subject is concerned; I wonder if you have any Palestine friends?

Dear Rahel, I wish you a merry Christmas and 'ein Guten Rutsch' in the new year. (Or do they only say that in Austria?)
Ich wünsche dir ein wunderschönes friedliches Weihnachtsfest.

Anonymous said…
Its a beautiful picture but it looks like europe.
I realy like to know what does it mean? Maybe its only a fantastic rainbow.
Marsha said…
You should enter your photo in a contest. That is spectacular. I want to paint it. Is that OK with you?
rahel said…
Hi Marsha,
The picture is not mine- you can click the link under the picture to see where I got it from. I did not have a camera with me when I saw the rainbow....
rahel said…
Petra- since there's only your question I am going to answer here:
No- I have no Palestinian friends- but I would love to get to know some people from "the other side" and talk about everyday life, family life etc...

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