Helen turned 3 last week. She wanted a penguin cake for her birthday party in the day care. Now I am no fancy cake maker... I don't see why I should stay up all night to create a cute cake that will be eaten within seconds... 
So to satisfy my daughters wishes I sew 3 finger-puppet-penguins from felt as cake toppings. Whipped cream and marshmallows for the snow.

As a present I made her things for a "shop"- felt vegetables, felt ice-cream and more... My husband made her a cash desk from wood.
No pictures so far. The days are short and by the time we get home it is already dark and I don't have time... maybe on the weekend I can post some.


vervlogen dagen said…
Happy birthday Helen! Isn't this the cutest picture ever? And I think you did a great job on the penguin cake.

Thank you for your kind comments on my blog. You wonder where I find the time. I'm very hard looking for a job, which in the end is less time consuming than actually having one. It's hard to find a job these days in Holland. (And the kids like the situation very much!)

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