tel aviv

My husband had a company- weekend in Tel Aviv. Basically the company just paid for the hotel and we were free to do whatever we wanted.
We left the girls in the care of their grandmother, took Yotam with us and prepared for a stormy and rainy weekend. Luckily Thursday and Friday were without rain- just very windy on the beach. It was nice to spend some time away from home, in a big, buzzing city.
Of course I had to shop some fabric in fabric paradise in Nahalat Binyamin. I tried to keep it short. I know it does bore my husband and Yotam is not very interested too :o)
I enjoyed walking on the beach, watching the big waves, watching the people. It is a very nice beach and walkway.
Now we will have a busy week of birthday celebrations (Helen turns 3 today), Hanukkah celebrations and trying to fit in some Christmas-cookies-baking and decorating the house some more

early morning walk after a night with not much sleep thanks to this little guy...

The beachfron of Tel Aviv- way in the back you can see the old city of Jaffa

I would once like to just walk around and take pictures. Although I did take my camera to the "shopping-trip", I did not get a chance to also take pictures...
A few more pictures here.


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