We have beautiful autumn weather. Perfect for kite flying. That's what the whole Kibbutz did on Saturday. Yesterday I made with the girls some nice kites asa window decoration. I cut out the frames from thick paper, attached the frame to sticky contact paper and the girls filled the empty spots with tissue paper pieces. We added a tail and now they decorate the windows in the girls rooms. I love how the warm autumn sun is illuminating the colours!


Karen said…
Hi Rahel, This kite is so beautiful with sun shining through it! I need some craft ideas for my "little" ones -they still have a week of vacation and we haven't done anything creative :( (Cross that out! We made a nature mobile & I've already forgotten!) Anyway, maybe we will make kites like this!
Thanks so much for stopping by my blog & entering the giveaway, I'm sure the owl would love to live under the pecan tree!!!! xo Karen

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