Mamshit- or Memphis

Three weeks ago we spent a weekend in the desert. I never saw the desert that green before- just take a look at the picture above. It was extremely green and there were lots of flowers (poppies, chamomile and more)... While we got only half of the average rain in the north, the south got double of the average rainfall this winter.

We spent the night in Mamshit (or Memphis). 

Mamshit was a Nabataean city built in the 1st century BC and was an important station on Incense Road. The city covers 10 acres (40,000 m2) and is the smallest but best restored city in the Negev Desert. The once-luxurious houses feature unusual architecture not found in any other Nabataean city. The biggest house measured 1,600 m2! That's HUGE.
It's really nice to walk through the remains. There are two beautiful mosaic floors from old churches. You can still see some colour- they must have been magnificent. There are also remains of the old public bath house.
I love walking through old cities and try to imagine how people lived there so many years ago. For people who love history and archaeology I can only recommend this place!
You can read some more here and here.


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