frozen chalk

We love to play with liquid chalk. This time I added a twist to it (I got the idea from here). I added baking soda to the cornflour and water. Instead of food colour I added water colour. I then filled the mix in a ice cube tray and froze it.
The frozen chalk melted quite fast on the hot pavement.
I gave the kids a bottle with vinegar and a pipette. They drizzled the vinegar on the chalk and because of the baking soda the chalk began to bubble, fizzle and sizzle- not as much as I actually thought, but still quite fun. maybe I will add more baking soda next time.

To make the chalk, you need:

- 1 part cornflour
- 1 part baking soda
- 2 parts water
- watercolour or food colour

Mix everything and fill ice-cube-trays. 

For the "sizzle": vinegar. Maybe it could work also with lemon juice- I would have to try this. The smell would be nicer :-)

Since one hour we have another cease fire and it seems to be quiet. Let's hope this one will last. Otherwise it starts to be ridiculous. Why to agree to ceasefires if you just start shooting all over again...


gretel said…
Solche Spiele im Sommer auf der Straße sind prima. Meine Tochter ist fast den ganzen Tag draußen und das macht ihr bestimmt großen Spaß - ich werde es probieren.
Ich verfolge täglich alle Nachrichten ganz genau und denke immer an euch. Liebe Grüße
Darcy said…
I love this! And I've been thinking about you guys - the conflict is all over the news here. Stay safe!!

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