like Hundertwasser

I like Hundertwasser. His colourful art and his great, unconventional architecture.
A while back I bought a book for children about Friedensreich Hundertwasser.
Since daycare is closed this week and I have two days with my kids, I decided to do something that includes Hundertwasser-art.
His paintings often include spirals. This morning we went for a walk and looked for spirals in nature (an interesting thing to do- even for grown ups!).
This afternoon, while Yotam was sleeping, we made some Hundertwasser- inspired-art ourselves.

The girls painted with watercolour a background. Then we made spiral flowers using glue, yarn and fabric stripes. I already prepared myself for a break in the middle of the project- but they were so eager to continue and managed to work surprisingly long. :-) Nothing like a successful activity...


Andrea Q said…
I absolutely love this artwork! Thank you for sharing the artist's name and your children's work. It is lovely.
rahel said…
Thanks a lot, Andrea Q- especially for the nice words you wrote privately. I felt really bad about it. I see that she deleted the whole thread and hope she forgave me. If you want to contact me, you can do so: rahelsarid(at)
the artwork is really beautiful! Naomi did a great job! hanging worthy!

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