Already over two weeks passed since we had our spiral themed days.
The artwork (inspired by Hundertwasser) we made you can find here.

We also went looking for spirals in nature. In many things you can discover spirals:

Snail-shells, cactus, pinecones, sunflowers, ferns, spider-webs, vines…

We collected some of the spirals we found, made pictures of others. In addition I printed some nice pictures and we hung them on the wall.

One activity was to lay spirals with yarn on sandpaper. This requires a bit of patience and good fine motor skills. The big girl gave up fast, but Helen designed for quite a while different spirals- in the end it turned into "nest making" for some small figurines.

We also made spiral mobiles from paper. In the beginning I marked lines and they cut along the lines, later they made them without help.

Even now they still discover spirals in unexpected places. 
I even cut peper in a spiral form and add them to Neomi's school snak (She loves it!). 

At home they like to eat the apple skin if I peel it like a spiral (or snake)- the longer, the better.


gretel said…
Das ist so hübsch gebastelt. Die ausgedruckten Fotos gefallen mir auch sehr gut.
Die Äpfel in Spiralen schälen finde ich schön, da habe ich als Kind bei meiner Großmutter schon ganz fasziniert zugesehen. Liebe Grüße
Karen said…
I love your arts and crafts with your children and this project with Hundertwasser and the spirals turned out so lovely. Thanks for the inspiration, Rahel!
Becca said…
I've just discovered your blog and am blown away by all your great craft and art ideas. Thank you so much for all the inspiration! My girls will be very happy to try some of your lovely ideas. Many thanks from England.

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