Painting with paper mache paste is fun- at least until your fingers start to get all sticky.

To make "Kleister" (paper mache paste) is very simple- basically you make a glue that you can use for everything else too. 
I make regularly glue like this.
You just need flour and water- I don't even measure the amount sometimes. I pour some flour into a pan, add some water and start to heat it. Keep stirring the mixture and add water when it gets too thick.

When you feel that the mixture is good enough, let it cool a bit until you can touch it with your fingers without burning yourself.

I put a small amount on each paper, added some drops of gouache (I guess you can use any kind of colour- should make some experiments one day) and let the kids "go wild".

They mixed/ painted with their fingers. Later I gave them some tools- like toothpicks, paper-rolls, fork…  the fun part is, that you can always "erase" what you made and make new patterns. 
The colour get all mixed up into a grey/ brown tone, but if that bothers someone you can use just one or two colours.

You could also add some glitter or sand (I would recommend to try this outside if you don't want to spend another hour cleaning the sandy/ glittery floor afterwards :-)

After a while the paste dries- the pictures get hard and the fingers stick together- so go and wash your hands- if possible without flooding the bathroom, thanks a lot! :-)


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