Tuesday, 20 October 2015


My oldest daughter has this shirt that she really likes to wear- I call it a "bat-shirt". I though that it looked like a quite simple cut and since I had some lovely blue, light fabric I thought I will give it a try and make a similar shirt for her.
I once bought the fabric to make a skirt for myself, but never quite came around to it. 

4 years ago I sew two nice dresses for my daughters- for the wedding of my sister. The bigger dress is still fitting the younger daughter- but not for long anymore. And since I never made nice pictures, I took the chance this weekend and made some. At the time I made my own pattern with the help of some existing patterns and tutorials. Even the buttons I made myself.

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Unsere kleine Farm said...

Liebe Rahel, schön von Dir zu hören! :-)) Ja, das stimmt die Sorgerei um die Kinder gehört wohl dazu ;-) Deine Kinder sind ja schon riesig! (War irgendwie schon länger nicht auf Deinem Blog).
Hab auch von dem Tod Deiner Nichte gelesen. Das ist unfassbar - ich habe Tränen in den Augen! Ein Kind zu verlieren ist so ziemlich das Schlimmste, was man sich vorstellen kann!
Habt es gut!