yarn along

Again joining Ginny and her "yarn along". I can hardly believe myself that I am knitting that much lately. I finished the hat for Helen- might need to fix something with the lining but otherwise I am very proud of my accomplishment :-)

Now I started a more simple hat for my husband- although the kids suggested all kinds of patterns- like dinosaurs and ships. I am not sure yet what kind of pattern I will do- maybe some triangles or snowflakes, if at all. For the time being I am knitting the lower part.

I am reading "A Sunday at the pool in Kigali" by Gil Courtemanche. So far I did not get into it too much. We will see if I will keep going or if I will abandon the book at some stage.


fjord girl said…
These are some of the cutest hat I have seen- she looks so cute in her new cozy hat.
Can't wait to see what you knit for your husband- I need some inspiration for my boys and hubby too.
Kelly Casanova said…
The hat is gorgeous! This style is so warm the way it fits down over the ears as well.
Becca said…
I didn't manage to really get into the book either, although I read it to the end! Beautiful knitting.

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