Ramat Hanadiv- a short walk

I love to hike, but there are some problems in Israel if you want to hike as a family. One is that there are only few circular hiking trails and there's no public transportation- so you basically always need a second car to somehow return to your car at the beginning of the trail.
Summer is hot and I really do not like to hike in the burning sun.

A few days ago we took advantage of the still "not-so-hot" weather and the still green surrounding and went for a short walk (I would not call it a hike) with friends.
Ramat Hanadiv has beautiful gardens which you can enjoy (probably better on a weekday since Saturdays are very crowded!).
But there are also a few short trails through the "bush". We bought an activity booklet for each family with nice little activities on certain points of the trail.
We started relatively early and avoided the worst of the Saturday-crowd.
There were still a lot of flowers and we saw lizards, birds and butterflies. 

The highlight was "Ein Tzur"- a spring that flows year round through an over 2000 year old tunnel that was hewn in the rock. The kids enjoyed walking through the tunnel.

There are also an ancient bath house, remains of an old farmhouse, a columbarium (dovecote) and queries.

Some nice shady trees are perfect for climbing and playing :-)


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