Tel Meggido

Although the archaeological site of Tel Meggido is only a 20 minutes' drive away, we never visited the site in all these years.
So we thought it was about time to go and check out this place.
Tel Meggido is ancient (well… like almost every place in this country where you dig a bit in the dirt).

The oldest remains are from 3500 BCE! There are layers of cities that were destroyed and re-built on top of each other. It was a place of great importance in the ancient world- situated on the most important trade route (Via Maris). There were historical battles there and huge stables that could hold up to 480 horses, there's a tunnel that was dug underneath the city walls to access the spring outside the city- this turned out to be the most exciting part of the whole site for the kids. (How did they manage to build this tunnel without any power tools??? Amazing)

climbing down to the water tunnel

Well- apart from that it was rather boring despite the historical importance. The kids will most probably remember the water tunnel and the huge, black caterpillars that were everywhere.

Nice view- in the back you can see parts of Jenin 

According to the bible Tel Meggido (Armaggedon) will also be the place of the last huge battle in the end of times.


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