enjoying green

in the Merian Gardens

3 weeks ago I had to go to an exhibition in Munich. Although I am not from Germany I immediately had this feeling of "being (at least close to) home". The European buildings, the clean streets, the organized life, the light in the morning, the church bells, the air…

I stayed in a lovely small hotel- the "Im Hof"- I can recommend a stay there if you ever should happen to be in Munich. It's what you call in German "klein aber fein". Especially the small details like the home made jams and fruitsalad, served in tiny glass jars. It felt so luxurious! (And I do not especially like hotels)

Anyway- after the trade fair I took a train and travelled south for some 5 hours to my family in Switzerland. Home, sweet home. I can't get enough sniffing the mountain air, bathing my eyes and soul in the green landscape, feeling safe and … well... at home. Even if only for 3 days.

Among other things I went for a nice walk with my mother one evening- enjoying the long  lasting daylight. Everything seems to me like paradise after living for so long in Israel. I guess they sometimes think I am mad J- getting all excited about the juicy green fields, bushes, forest, the flowers, the highland cattle, the small streams, the vegetable gardens etc…

The last day I spent with my sister in the "Merian Gardens" not far from my parents. I could stay there for hours, days… examining the herbs and flowers, enjoying the clean paths, the tidy lawns and flowerbeds…

Well- I guess I should finally do something about it. I need nature. I can't spend my time much longer only working indoors in an office, sitting in front of a screen for 9 hours a day.
I told myself, that I need to start to "extend my sensors" and start to look around and think about other options. Who knows if I will succeed- maybe not right now, but in a year? Or two?


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