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Some toys I sew for babies of friends and family members.

I am sick- We never had a winter like this with all of us being sick that much... we are usually quite a healthy bunch. And tomorrow we will fly to Switzerland. I just pray that I will feel better.
I am so excited to meet my small niece.
And of course I am looking very much forward to see my family and friends again. I also hope that there will be some snow in the Alps to enjoy.


Oh Rachel, it's the same overhere. It seems like there's always someone sick... Get wel very very soon and enjoy your stay in Switzerland!
Hallo Rahel,
die sind ja goldig, deine Viecherl ;-)
Wünsch Euch morgen einen guten Flug!
Liebe Grüße
Schnee wirst Du bestimmt haben in den Alpen - es soll wieder zum Schneien anfangen... Viel Spaß auf jeden Fall in der Schweiz und erhol Dich gut! Alles Liebe! Eri
polwig said…
Have fun in Switzerland. YEAH !!! I love that crab in a skirt btw, so adorable. We have been crazy sick here in our house this year, my 3 yo daughter had a stomach bug that lasted over 2 weeks, it was nuts. Hopefully you will get over everything once you get some fresh Swiss Air, Cheese and Chocolate, familys hugs and kisses will help too.

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