some time for myself

Since Helen was sick last week and I was at home with her I had some extra time for myself while she was napping. Since one year I am knitting on a sleeveless sweater for Neomi. I know- I am terribly slow and during the summer (which lasts at least 5 months here) I did not feel like knitting anyway.
So I am trying to finish this now.

I am also sewing a cover for Helen to cover her inside the stroler. We will go to Switzerland next week and we are not especially equipped for cold weather. So I hope that this will keep her a bit warm. It is not finished yet but I should be able to finish in the comming days.

Recently we are having a bit a hard time with Neomi. Already when she was small she was very headstrong. Now she is in a phase that is more difficult than ever. No matter how nicely you tell her not to do certain things, she is doing them anyway and again and again.
That leaves me many times helpless ( I am not showing this of course...) and it is very energy consuming. We have fights a few times a day- so I am very gratefull and happy if she plays for a while nicely for herself. She does have a lot of imagination :o)
Below she is pretending to be a photographer using my husbands tripod.


Margit Rosenaa said…
she is adorable - and the things you make are great - and i'm sure that it will all get better.

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