Just trying to figure out how to post my pictures in a bigger size... looks like it is working.

I had a nice afternoon
beautiful weather
nice walk with the girls
Neomi painted a bit and I told stories to Helen
we had a peacefull dinner
Neomi helped to wash the dishes
Now the girls are sleeping and I am drinking chai
and baking cookies
received a batch of handmade, all natural soaps
the tulips on the table blossom nicely
I will soon go to bed and read a bit
and have an early night
I am happy

For those who wonder- my husband is in the army today (reserve duty). That's what he's doing every week for one day (or more precisely- night) and then the ladies of the house have a girl's evening.


Yes, sometimes it's very nice to be on your own....
with the cookies:)
I'm happy you are happy

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