So we had a nice shavuot holiday. The girls had fun seeing all their friends. Lot's of people cameto the festivities. There were songs and music and the harvest of the year was presented- mostly symbolic. Every year also the new born babies are presented with their parents and siblings. This past year there were 20 new babies born in our Kibbutz- that's a lot for such a small place.

I am in the middle with the black skirt- in the background you can see the boards I painted

The same place in 1944

There were dances-part of it you can see below and to compare with the same place about 70 years ago. The stone pillars are still standing but everything around is now so green and full of trees and bushes and houses. The story of Ruth from the bible is traditionally told on Shavuot- Neomi knows all the details :o) A few years ago the Kibbutz made a show with the story of Ruth- 70 years ago they made the same- My husbands grandfather played the part of Boaz.

The same place in 1944- my husband's grandfather playing the part of Boaz.


polwig said…
Great photos and I love how you have the old grandfather photo. I love history repeating, oh and congrats on 20 new babies at least they will be a lot of kids to play with ;)

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