Monday, 30 January 2012

some paper stuff

We will soon fly to Switzerland. To make the trip shorter, keep the girls a bit occupied and get them something to remember the holidays I usually make them small journals. I print some pages- colouring pages and other things- and also leave many pages just empty. The girls can draw or glue things inside (post cards, train tickets....)- this time I also want to make some kind of diary with Neomi and write down with her, what we did and what she liked- we'll see how she will cooperate.
I usually just fold the pages in half, sew them together in the middle and sew them to the cover.

Another thing I made last week and ever since Neomi wants to play all the time: pantomime cards. I printed cards with all kinds of different things. One needs to take a card and pantomime- the others need to figure out what is on the card. I took only quite simple things for the beginning.

Thursday, 26 January 2012

kids thoughts

I should write down more of my older daughters questions… I just love how kids think.
"Are there also blood and bones in hair?"
"Do thieves also have blood?"
(yeah- she is in a stage of much interest in the human body)
"How do babies breathe when they are still inside the belly?"

Or the other day- when she built a "cloud-factory" with her wooden blocks:
There was some kind of kitchen from where the steam went into a chimney and then the clouds flew into the sky. Some clouds were to heavy to fly and they died, so they were collected in the cloud-graveyard… I could not have  come up with something like this…

What I laugh most about right now is her love for a song, she always wants me to play on you-tube. She requests "the song with the boots" (those boots are made for walking) from "Nancy Senator" (Nancy Sinatra)… best part is: She will put on my boots and dances to the song. She knows by now quite good what kind of steps and moves to do because she watched the video over and over….
It would be worth to make more notes… like this I just keep forgetting most of those things…
Do you keep notes from your kids questions, ideas…?

Tuesday, 24 January 2012


Rainy and cold days…
Poor Neomi wanted to go to her favorite boy from kindergarten to play- but he changed his mind and invited someone else. Then I told her to invite another friend to our home and one of her best friends wanted to come but changed her mind too later on. Neomi was very sad and it just breaks my heart to see her like this. I went through situations like this many times as a girl … and I also know it's part of being a kid, part of growing up… but it still is hard. In the end we agreed on doing something with gouache at home.
I gave the girls all kinds of items to try stamping with. Lego, pieces of plastic pipes, cinnamon sticks, cork, lids….
For a while they were occupied and we had after all a nice "after-daycare-time".

Sunday, 22 January 2012

more nuts

Yesterday was a nice, sunny day and we got down some more nuts from our tree.... I don't know how many kilos we already have- more than 4 large buckets full....
My husband climbed on the small roof over the entrance and tried to get down as many nuts as possible- the girls loved the "nut-rain" and collected them.
Now we just need to crack them all.
Yesterday I made a chocolate-pecan-cake and more nuts-baking will follow.
Today we are back to rainy and cold weather...

are there some more???

Friday, 20 January 2012

pizza, please

Something I wanted to do for a while. Some days ago my husband brought some felt home and I could start making the toy-pizza for the girls. So far I managed one dough with one pepper, one cheese and two mushrooms. I want to do some more. Some two years ago I made felt-vegetables for Neomi and the girls play a lot with them (the cats too... unfortunately...)
Maybe in our holidays in Switzerland I will manage to make some more.

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

ein avdat

down nahal havarim

Nahal Havarim/ Ein Avdat- that was another very nice hike- especially Ein Avdat- a nature reserve/ oasis with beautiful water pools on different platforms, trees- even a small forest and animals (well- we saw only eagles and birds- but on quiet days there should also be ibex). The last climb was a bit of a challenge to me- quite steep, narrow stairs- cut out of the rock- and ladders… I have a bit of a problem with heights and very steep places and now while pregnant I am also getting very fast out of breath. Neomi though loved it and climbed together with my father without any problem.

the lower pools in ein avdat
looking down to the upper pools of ein avdat while climbing up the steep canyon walls
my husband and Helen while climbing up
the Ramon Crater- view in the evening from Mitzpe Ramon

ein saharonim

Ein Saharonim- a very old khan (caravanserai)- about 2000 years old from the time of the Nabateans. The khan was one of many stop-overs on the spice route. I did not take many pictures… but I like places like this and Neomi was very interested too- she had to enter every "room" and we imagined who/ what had been there. There are the remains of an old cooking-oven, stairs and even bath-tubs (probably added by the Romans on a later date). There's another, much bigger place- Avdat- more to the north but we did not have time to go and visit- something to do next time.

wadi nikarot

the beginning of the wadi

Wadi "Nikarot"- the "Grotto Wadi"- This is the wadi that drains all the water from the Ramon Crater (in case there is rain…) and it is the only natural water resource in the crater. It's a nice loop-walk and the kids enjoyed the many small stones (why can't we just collect about EVERY nice stone we see and take them home???) and we saw a group of ibex (desert goat) and some kind of wild chicken (I have no idea how they are called).
There should also be some wild donkeys in this area but we saw none of them.
There are some small grottos towards the end of the wadi where we ate our lunch. The good thing about going to the desert at this time of the year- it is not burning hot- it was even chilly in the shadow.

the dry riverbed- only a few puddles of water are to be seen
my parents near the end of the waddi where the grottos are

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

a desert weekend

the woven fabric of the roof of the tent

We spent the weekend in the south of Israel. First I did not feel much like going, but I did not wanted to spoil the fun… anyway it was not realistic to just lie on the sofa with a thick blanket, a good book and a hot cacao ;-)
So we and my parents drove the 3 hours to the "Machtesh Ramon"- the Ramon Crater. When the landscape started to change from juicy green to desert sand and stone and the evening sun let everything glow in warm yellows, oranges and reds I knew it will be a nice weekend.
We spent two nights in a Bedouin tent. The nights were freezing- no surprise since the nights in the desert are always cold and in the beginning of January even more. There was ice in the mornings but we slept quite cozy and warm under our blankets and sleeping bags.
During the day we went hiking- more pictures later- and the rest we spent in the Bedouin camp near the warm fire with hot, sweet tea…it was a perfect break.

traditional embroidery

sleep well, my little one...

Monday, 2 January 2012

new food blog discoveries

Since I am back on track with cooking I am hunting for new recipes and new ideas for our dinners (that's the meal we all enjoy together while during the day we all eat at work or in the daycare/ kindergarten).
I made some new food-blog-discoveries and want to share some with you- hopefully they will also inspire you!

A mini chicken pot from sundaysuppers

A roasted tomate tart from Canelle et Vanille

A special ice cream from seven spoons

And last but not least: pears in wine from b comme bon.

Sunday, 1 January 2012

rainy end of the year

A rainy end of the old year... we had to cancel a planed hike and went instead for a walk inside the Kibbutz. The girls had fun walking and jumping through the puddles, dressed in their "rain-and-mud-gear". It's hard to find raincoats and mudpants for kids in Israel- the kids walk around with umbrellas which is so uncomfortable.
Luckily my parents always supply us with those things from Switzerland.

The new year started as usual- we slept through midnight and went to work and daycare in the morning like on any other day... Israel must be one of the few places in the world where the New Year is not celebrated... there are parties but there are no official celebrations and no days off...

I wish you all a wonderful 2012, with good health, peace and lots of time to be creative and spend with your families!