wadi nikarot

the beginning of the wadi

Wadi "Nikarot"- the "Grotto Wadi"- This is the wadi that drains all the water from the Ramon Crater (in case there is rain…) and it is the only natural water resource in the crater. It's a nice loop-walk and the kids enjoyed the many small stones (why can't we just collect about EVERY nice stone we see and take them home???) and we saw a group of ibex (desert goat) and some kind of wild chicken (I have no idea how they are called).
There should also be some wild donkeys in this area but we saw none of them.
There are some small grottos towards the end of the wadi where we ate our lunch. The good thing about going to the desert at this time of the year- it is not burning hot- it was even chilly in the shadow.

the dry riverbed- only a few puddles of water are to be seen
my parents near the end of the waddi where the grottos are


Petra said…
We have a rather large stone from Normandy (France) in our backyard. When Casper was five or six he was carrying around the heavy rock all afternoon. I couldn't tell him to leave it behind, could I? I often smile when it catches my eye....

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