a desert weekend

the woven fabric of the roof of the tent

We spent the weekend in the south of Israel. First I did not feel much like going, but I did not wanted to spoil the fun… anyway it was not realistic to just lie on the sofa with a thick blanket, a good book and a hot cacao ;-)
So we and my parents drove the 3 hours to the "Machtesh Ramon"- the Ramon Crater. When the landscape started to change from juicy green to desert sand and stone and the evening sun let everything glow in warm yellows, oranges and reds I knew it will be a nice weekend.
We spent two nights in a Bedouin tent. The nights were freezing- no surprise since the nights in the desert are always cold and in the beginning of January even more. There was ice in the mornings but we slept quite cozy and warm under our blankets and sleeping bags.
During the day we went hiking- more pictures later- and the rest we spent in the Bedouin camp near the warm fire with hot, sweet tea…it was a perfect break.

traditional embroidery

sleep well, my little one...


Petra said…
This sounds and looks great!
Oh, Übernachtung in einem Beduinen Zelt. Das hört sich sehr, sehr interessant an! Riecht ein wenig nach Abenteuer ;-)
Liebste Grüße!

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