kids thoughts

I should write down more of my older daughters questions… I just love how kids think.
"Are there also blood and bones in hair?"
"Do thieves also have blood?"
(yeah- she is in a stage of much interest in the human body)
"How do babies breathe when they are still inside the belly?"

Or the other day- when she built a "cloud-factory" with her wooden blocks:
There was some kind of kitchen from where the steam went into a chimney and then the clouds flew into the sky. Some clouds were to heavy to fly and they died, so they were collected in the cloud-graveyard… I could not have  come up with something like this…

What I laugh most about right now is her love for a song, she always wants me to play on you-tube. She requests "the song with the boots" (those boots are made for walking) from "Nancy Senator" (Nancy Sinatra)… best part is: She will put on my boots and dances to the song. She knows by now quite good what kind of steps and moves to do because she watched the video over and over….
It would be worth to make more notes… like this I just keep forgetting most of those things…
Do you keep notes from your kids questions, ideas…?


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