rainy end of the year

A rainy end of the old year... we had to cancel a planed hike and went instead for a walk inside the Kibbutz. The girls had fun walking and jumping through the puddles, dressed in their "rain-and-mud-gear". It's hard to find raincoats and mudpants for kids in Israel- the kids walk around with umbrellas which is so uncomfortable.
Luckily my parents always supply us with those things from Switzerland.

The new year started as usual- we slept through midnight and went to work and daycare in the morning like on any other day... Israel must be one of the few places in the world where the New Year is not celebrated... there are parties but there are no official celebrations and no days off...

I wish you all a wonderful 2012, with good health, peace and lots of time to be creative and spend with your families!


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