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I hardly buy clothes for my kids. We get a lot of hand-me-down clothes and I am very grateful for this. But there are times I need to buy new stuff or I just would like to have something new for the kids.
It is usually a frustruating task.
Up to the age of 2 it was mostly okay. But when they needed bigger clothes I could not find anymore things I liked or things I found appropriate.
My girls are still girls. They are not teenagers! They also play a lot outside.
To hell with those frilly, glittery, pink-with lace-clothes! Give me something with happy colours! Give me some functonal clothes! My oldest daughter likes blue- go and find something blue for a girl!
Same with shoes. One day I asked in the shoe shop if they don't have anything beside those glittery white and silver shoes. I told her that I need something that will survive a trip to the fields... many trip to the fields and forest and waddi... The sales lady looked at me as if I would be a Martian...

Looks like that almost the same applies for boys too. Can I get something that is not grey and blue and dark green?
Hey- I want orange and yellow and red and happy-green!

Oh yes- and what happened to the uni-sex clothes of my childhood?

Don't get me wrong- I love the occasional pink and grey clothes too... 

I do find stuff- on the internet. Unfortunately way out of our budget. I would pay up to 3 or 4 times more... not even including the shipment.
So- if someone has a great tip for cheaper happy clothes on the net or in Israel- PLEASE tell me!

Have a great day!

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Kids Style, Oilily

From Little One kids by the fabulous @rowe timson



vervlogen dagen said…
I know what you mean! It gets better now Lauren is growing so fast. She loves blue and occasional dark red. I love your happy links.
I think we like the same clothes! ;-)
Anonymous said…
Hi Rahel
Ich weiss nicht sicher, ob du deutsch sprichst, glaube aber ja. Ich finde es auch teuer, Schuhe zu kaufen und Glitzer und Glimmer gefallen uns nicht. So kaufe ich oft teurere Schuhe, die die Jüngere dann nachtragen kann. Wir haben dann nur 1 Paar, dafür gute und schöne Farben ohne Glitzer. Ich bin aus der Schweiz und kaufe oft in Deutschland. Die Marke heisst: Bisgaard oder Kavat. Die Schuhe werden im Norden hergestellt und sind äusserst robust, auch für Jungs!! Schau mal im Internet, ob du diese auch für Israel bekommen kannst. Ganz herzliche Grüsse Martina
rahel said…
Melanie- danke fuer deinen Komentar. Diese zwei Firmen haben wirklich ganz wunderbare Schuhe.
Wir handhaben es auch aehnlich. Wir kaufen nur noch "Blundstones"- die sind zwar teuer, aber die halten gut ein Jahr lang und wenn wir Glucke haben, kann sogar noch nachgetragen werden. Aber Blundstones gibt es nur in einer Art und manchmal waere etwas Farbiges toll oder etwas, fuer speziellere Anlaesse... Die meisten "nordischen" Firmen haben tolle Schuhe, aber die sind hier nicht erhaeltlich.

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