christmas is getting close

Christmas is getting close. I managed to bake a few Christmas-cookies. In Switzerland there are a lot of traditional Christmas-cookies but I made only two kinds.

On Saturday we will celebrate with the other families here that are like us half Jewish and half Christian. We made a small revolution and it will be the first time without a "Santa". Most of us are from Countries where Santa is not comming on Christmas and I am happy about this decission.

The kindergarten-teacher of Neomi asked me, if they could come with the kids to our home one morning and if I could tell the kids a story from my childhood and how it was to celebrate Christmas. I will gladly do so.

On Saturday we went down to the Wadi. Finally the first green plants are starting to grow and the small stream has water. We made small paper-boats and let them float. How I love weekends!


What a beautiful picture of the paper boat! And such a laidback one from you and your daughters. Dear Rahel, I was planning on sending you a little christmascard by e-mail, but you don't mention an adress on your blog. Maybe you want to leave your adress on the e-mail adress on my blog?
rahel said…
Hi Meisje- oh that's so lovely of you! I am really touched. My e-mail is
I will also leave the address on your e-mail.
polwig said…
Beautiful photos... you can still bring santa to isreal... I guess we need to send you a costume, may not be enough time for this year.

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