Today we celebrated Helen's birthday in the "baby-house" (her day-care). I made some tiny apple-cinamon muffins with small flags on top. I made them yesterday evening and fresh from the oven they tasted so good. In the morning there was still the smell of them in all the house.
Helen was so excited! She did not stop laughing and smiling and clapping hands. Is there something better than see your childen happy?


Here in Holland we are led to believe that baking an applepie helps you sell your house. The smell of a fresh baked pie gives you house touch of home for the future buyers. Maybe it's an urban legend, I never sold a house. Just happy living in the first one we ever bought.
polwig said…
I am standing and clapping looking at these beautiful pies, great pictures wow..
rahel said…
Well... I don't want to sell the house- it's not even my house...wait- it's not even a house, only a tiny apartement- but if it will help to get a lot of nice visitors, then I will bake applepie all day ;o)
Meisje and Kathy- thanks for your nice comments!

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