simple toys

A huge pile of blankets and sheets- what more do you need to play? I keep a big bag full of sheets and thin blankes and my girls love to play with them. Most of the time the older one builds tents and huts with them and then she drags all the cushions she can find into them and also her doll and her younger sister (the last one does not always volunteer for this....).
But sometimes she also uses them for dressing up- making turbans and skirts...
Helen- the younger one just likes to lie on the whole pile or to hide underneath one of the sheets until we are looking for her and then she comes out with a huge smile.
If you have a big blanket one kid can lie onto it and the others will hold the corners and make waves- small kids love this!
Or you place  a ball in the center, the kids hold the corners and try to throw the ball into the air and catch it again....
So many possibilities- maybe you know some more?


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