Thursday we suddenly saw a huge smoke cloud raising from the Carmel-mountain. It looked like a volcano errupted. In the night we saw the orange-red glow of the fire. Today is the fourth day of fire- eating away the pine forest, the oaks and bushes. It is sad. We don't have much green here- let alone forest and after these hot and dry months everything is just going up in smoke. It's sad to see all the burnt nature, sad to see homes burnt down and most of all so sad that human lifes were lost.

We had a nice day yesterday anyway- starting the day with pancakes (which I don't do often), taking a bike ride to the stables and watch the horses and enjoy the beautiful colours of the leaves and bougainvillea. Spending the afternoon painting with Neomi and making piles of leaves in the garden.
I finished some presents for Christmas -but can't show them here... I am not sure who reads this blog...

Hope you all have a wonderful Sunday while I am already back at work.


So sad to read about this. And so strange that we are totally not aware of it overhere. Good luck for all of you overthere.
Rebekka said…
That's true - you never know who reads this blog... :-)
Usually I have a look once or twice a week - so be carefull! I love your ideas - but not enough time to do it by myself... (and of cours no kids to test the results...)
rahel said…
Haha- Rebekka- jetzt hesch du di au aendlich zumene Kommentar choenne entscheide :o)
Wart, bis du mit dr Usbildig fertig bisch- denn hesch au meh Zyt!

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