sewing and baking

This week I was more at home with Helen than at work. She was sick a few days. It's nice to be at home- even with a sick kid. So many things I can do that I usually don't have much time for. When I did not read stories to Helen, when she was not cuddling on my lap or when she was sleeping I had time to 
sew and bake.
I sew 3 t-shirts for the girls out of old t-shirts of mine. I made the little apron you can see above and fixed some clothes. I made "blanc manger" (a recipe here) and cheesecake-muffins and I made some granola using this wonderful recipe- I love the use of thina (or "tahini") in this one.

Happy weekend to all of you!


Petra said…
Apart from Helen being sick, it sounds like you had fun. And with an apron like that, you're kind of obliged to bake! It's so 'gezellig' as we say in Dutch. It means something like cozy or 'gemutlich'.

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