a summer treat

Now that the hot days seem to be here ther girls naturally feel like eating ice cream. Now I don't want to stuff them with too much sweets and I am for sure not the one that goes every day with them to the shop to buy them ice cream and sweets. But I love something cold too on hot days.
I have a silicone frame at home so I can make "ice-cream" whenever I want.

The most simple way is to just fill the frames with sirup of fruit juice- but they tend to turn out a bit hard. I also just smash fesh fruits and mix them with a bit of yoghurt. The other day we had not so nice looking peaches at work. They were still compleatly fresh- so I took them home, cut them in pieces, cooked them a bit with fresh orange juice, added fresh peppermint, smashed everything, mixed with a bit of yoghurt and filled it into the frames. The girls like the "ice cream" and I don't even need to worry about too much sugar and food colorings.
Try it!


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