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I have a problem leaving comments on other blogs. As I researched I discovered that I am not the only one... And this at a time when I found so many nice things to leave a comment for, so here some links:

I made this mexican dish yesterday for dinner- it sounded easy and tasty and it was indeed like this! I changed it a tiny bit since I did not have ready made sauce. No monsters in my bed

Nicole makes wonderful pictures- the last ones from her trip to Ethiopia are just gorgeous! They are in an adoption process and I feel nervous and happy for them. 60 piggies

Petra made a very nice cushion for a friend of her son. I woudn't mind such a birthday present too :o) vervlogen dagen

A nice post about elderflowers and a tasty sounding recipe (in German). Too bad we don't have elderbushes here in Israel...SeelenSachen


Petra said…
I had trouble commenting too. I would have saus something nice about you previous post. Your familystories are always so warm. And I love the not-so-sharp pics that children take!
Darcy said…
So glad you liked the recipe!

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